Fibre-6 Blade wire dartboard Flocking Straw fibre

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The longer the product use, the better its self-heal. It is a product with high-end elegant appearance with mid-range product price.

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Fibre-6 Blade wire dartboard

It is made of straw fibre. After combing, rolling, softening the straw, we enhance the toughness and softness of the stra fibre, so the darts can smoothly penetrate the board, and the fibre automatically reattach to the original position.
The straw fibre apply microwave sterilization to protect against mildew, and utilizes electrostatic flocking process to make it more beautiful and elegant.
82pcs score segments are deeply silk-printed, the color won’t be easily worn out through daily use, which makes dartboard long-lasting.

It is a elegant and graceful blade wire dartboard.

Patent No.: ZL 2015 20109424.1
Size: 18x1-1/2”
Thickness: 1.5 inch
Net Weight: 3.95kg±0.5kg
Sisal: straw fibre


Product discussion

The conventional dartboards are made of sisal fiber. The price of sisal fiber at home and abroad has been increasing year by year, and the planting area of sisal in China is also decreasing. Developing new materials is increasingly important, and improving the performance of new material are guarantee of the product. So we develop straw dartboard . The straw need to be combed, rolled softened to enhance its toughness, so the dartboard have the property of fluency and self-heal. By electrostatic flocking technology, the appearance of the product get improved. 82 separating section adopts deelpy silk print,  make sure that the color can be used longer.

Warning: When the product is used at the beginning, the self-heal performance is the same as that of sisal fibre. After its use bear tens of thousands darts, the darts more smoothly penetrate the board, the service life of the product is the same as sisal dartboard, But the fluency is higher than sisal dartboard.


colorbox packing(46x4.5x46cm)

Desiccants, installation parts, manual.  


Ctn size: 47x21x47.5cm

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