Fibre-7 18”Straw Blade wire dartboard Indoor Game Play

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Self-healing individual bristles, darts smoothly penetrate into the dartboard. The longer the use, the better its properties. It is a product with high performance and lower price.

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Fibre-7 Blade wire dartboard

It is made of straw fibre. After combing, rolling, softening the straw, we enhance the toughness and softness of the stra fibre, so the darts can smoothly penetrate the board, and the fibre automatically reattach to the original position. The straw fibre apply microwave sterilization to protect against mildew. It is equipped with a blade wire system, light bull eye, white number ring.  The color is nature. the darts pull out of the dartboard, it can automatically recover to the original position. It has long service life.

It is an ideal blade wire dartboard.

Patent No.: ZL 2015 20109424.1
Size: 18x1-1/2”
Thickness: 1.5 inch
Net Weight: 3.95kg±0.5kg
Sisal: straw fibre


Darts knowledge:

Darts sport won’t be affected by the venue, environmental climate, not be restricted by the age of men and women, it can be played indoors. Darts is a sports integrating entertainment, competition and fitness. It is originated in England, popular in Europe and the United States, darts can improve people’s physical fitness, it is also called the gentleman's sport, it is the scourge of cervical spine disease in modern life. Darts sports can train the coordination performance of muscles, adjust the brain balance, improve the mind and concentration. It is suitable for school students, it help us to eliminate brain tension and relax, we can get pleasure from the body and mind. It is a sport to achieve quiet while do the sport. With the development of the darts sport, Chinese darts fans are also increasing year by year. On May 26, 1999, the State General Administration of Sport listed darts sport as an official competitive sport and popularized it.


colorbox packing(46x4.5x46cm)

Desiccants, installation parts, manual.  


Ctn size: 47x21x47.5cm

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