A nicely bullseye matters

Do you know how to start a dart game?

Who will start to throw the first dart?

Before the start of every darts match, each of the players will line up at the throw line and throw the dart at the bullseye. The player whose dart gets the closest to the bullseye or actually hits the bullseye will be the one that gets to throw first.

So, even the bullseye is just the red center dot on a dartboard measuring 0.5″ in diameter. And the red center scores 50points which is the a really high point, too. That’s why the bullseye on dartboard matters a lot.

We are now innovating a high-score bullseye which is thiner than other normal bullseye and it has a inner slide way to help the darts land in the 50points area but not to drop off. The material of the new bullseye is more durable and lighter than before. To keep it combed deeply into the dartboard.

The new bullseye will met the market soon, let us keep looking forward to it.

Post time: Jan-11-2023