The background of the tapeless dartboard

In an international darts competition, the player throw ed out 3 darts, the darts precisely penetrate into triple area of 20 point.“180 points, 180 points! ”the referee excitedly shouted. The audience waved their arms and cheered for the player. Suddenly a dart slowly dropped on the floor, the referee explained:“this is the problem of dartboard, not the player.” This is a true story, the president of a famous brand company told to me, and asked me how to improve the properties of international professional competition dartboard.

So we started to do a deep research of competition dartboard: 1. No tape resistance 2. Consistent overall density 3. Razor-thin radial spider to reduce bounce outs.

We conducted many experiment through developing new machine and improving new equipment. Finally, hard work pays off, we did it . The dartboard achieve consistent density, and it is no tape, no resistance we named it “Tape-less competition blade wire dartboard ”. The darts smoothly penetrate into board, 82pcs segments’ density is overall consistent, it has quite good self-healing.

Research 2: a new razor-thin segment, the traditional razor wire segment extend to outside of double area, which easily damage the darts and dartboard. A new razor-thin radial spider has no external legs to reduce bonce outs.
The darts parabolically penetrate into dartboard, the dart needle is easy to collide with radial spider, so we set the height 1mm between dartboard surface and radial spider to reduce bounce outs.

Tape-less competition blade wire dartboard apply high definition number ring, it is clear and easy to read.

After we got succeed, The president of a famous brand company from UK flied to congratulate us, and we officially authorized them to be global general distribution. We appreciated that the new product is loved by dartboard players.

Tape-less competition dartboard applied for invention patent and utility model patent, our company is the only legal manufacturer and seller in dartboard industry, welcome friends at home and abroad to cooperate with us.

Post time: Jan-11-2023