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Fine south Africa sisal is best for dartboard, the darts smoothly penetrate into board.

The dartboard is equipped with a unique and new blade system, razor-thin steel spider doesn’t extend to “0” score area, that reduce rejected darts. Or you can use traditional radial spider that blade legs extend to external area.

The density of 82pcs score area is overall consistent, it ensures that the puncture hole can quickly self-heal. 50 score area adopt stainless steel bull eye, its inner slide system provides extra scoring surface and increases high score rate.

It is high density and self-healing dartboard.

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PRO-2 Blade wire dartboard

The special blade wire system has no external legs, highly reduce bounce outs,
Food-grade ink deeply is printed into sisal of the board, it offers better visibility because of the richer colors.
The special stable free bull eye further increase high score rate.
The dartboard is made to withstand a lot of wear and tear. With an official tournament size of 18 inches in diameter, the board can handle anything you throw at it.

Size: 18x1-1/2”
Thickness: 1.5 inch
Net Weight: 3.95kg±0.5kg
Sisal: Grade A South Africa sisal
Patent No.:  Appearance: ZL201630101619.1
Bull eye: ZL201620031171.5


Product discussion:
The purpose of research and develop product : High-end product serialization, middle-end product serialization, ordinary product serialization, the product serialization is specifically the diversification of product performance and price, so as to satisfy the needs of different consumers, the types of products account for more than 70% of the international dartboard industry.From accessories development to product development, Its purpose is to improve the product performance and to reduce the price, your satisfaction is our happiness!
PRO-2 blade wire dartboard is a functional product, which has the product performance of high-end competition dartboard,but its the price belongs to middle-end product. It is also a comparable product with the same kind of products, we recommend it to you.


colorbox packing(46x4.5x46cm)

Desiccants, installation parts, manual.  


Ctn size: 47x21x47.5cm

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