HD-2 Professional Tape less competition dartboard

Short Description:

It is an HD-1 upgrade dartboard, it is professional competition board. The high quality grade A African sisal are wrapped without tape, and its consistent overall density and immediate shape recovery makes it uniquely suitable for dartboards.
The dartboard is equipped with a unique and new blade system, razor-thin radial spider has improved, no external legs, that reduce bounce outs.
50 score area adopt stainless steel bull eye, its inner slide system provides extra scoring surface and increases high score rate. When the dart penetrate 50 score area, it can automatically slides to slimmer bull eye, so that achieve high score.
The high definition triangle number ring is clean and easy to read to find your target segment.
It is a best dartboard which has excellent properties.

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HD-2 Tape-less Competition dartboard

Product Story

Rule of international darts competition: 501 points, double points in and double points out. In short, the first dart  should be penetrated into the multiple area, so you are qualified to enter the official competition; and the last dart should be also penetrate into the multiple score area, so you complete the 501 points by subtracting each score from the remaining total. The players like to throw darts to triple 20 points, so they can get 180 points after throw 3 darts, but only the darts master can complete 180 points. Therefore, darts players really need a high-performance dartboard for the game!

According to player' high requirements for competition dartboard, we have carried out a number of research: (1) dartboard with overall consistent density (2) dartboard with high self-heal (3) a razor-thin wire to reduce bounces out (4) bull eye with inner slide system to increase high score.

Patent No.: 201620521224.1, ZL 2015 2 0109421.8, ZL 2016 20030821.4 , ZL 201630101619.1,  ZL 2016 20031171.5
Size: 18x1-1/2”
Thickness: 1.5 inch
Net Weight: 3.95kg±0.5kg
Sisal: Grade A South Africa sisal


Product Story:

(1) dartboard with overall consistent density : we improve the dartboard performance based on tape less dartboard HD-1, enhance the sisal flexibility and toughness so that the darts can easily penetrate into the board. Flexibility: it can produce a suction and shrinkage force, so the darts can’t drop off. Toughness: the dart can smoothly penetrate into the board, when pullout the darts, the sisal can quickly recover. Consistent density: The density of the whole dartboard is consistent, the tightness is consistent. it is high-end product with inner performance.

(2) a razor-thin wire system:  the dartboard need consider the competition needs, design and manufacture the  products to satisfy international competition. the traditional blade system extend to the outside of double area, which has 20 extra legs. The extra 20 legs increases the rate of darts out when the darts collide the blade wire, and it will damage the dart needle. Therefore, we developed a new razor-thin system without extra legs to reduce the rate of darts out.

(3) New number ring: the competition dartboard should be beautiful and elegant, so we use a new number ring with standard number and triangular slide design.

(4)Bull eye:  The bull eye in 50 zone adopt the inner circular slide structure. When the dart hits the edge of the bull eye, the dart needle will enter the 50 zone along the inner slide, thus increasing the rate of high score.

The research and development of "New Tape less Competition dartboard " pursues the intrinsic performance of products and realizes the function of products. Here, you are welcome to put forward valuable suggestions to help us improve our products.


colorbox packing(46x4.5x46cm)

Desiccants, installation parts, manual.  


Ctn size: 47x21x47.5cm

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