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The dartboard surface is natural fiber, no white printing color, thus increase its self-heal..

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PRO-5 Blade wire dartboard

It is made from nature China sisal. There are two kinds of razor-thin radial spider your choices: 1. blade spider-no external legs 2. blade spider with external legs. Darts can smoothly penetrate the board, and the puncture hole can self-heal.
It is a favourable blade wire dartboard.

Patent No.: 202222979044.6
Size: 18x1-1/2”
Thickness: 1.5 inch
Net Weight: 3.95kg±0.5kg
Sisal: China sisal


Product discussion:
Industry insiders are familiar with the types of dartboard: round wire dartboard, diamond wire dartboard, blade wire dartboard. The blade wire dartboard seems to be high-end products in the classification of products. Compared to round wire dartboard, the blade wire dartboard have the thinnest wire separation section, so the darts have less chance of hitting the wires and bounce out. But the price of blade wire dartboard is much higher than the round wire dartboard’s, because of different wire separating section, the price of the wires vary wildly. As we know, The round wire is assembled on the surface of dartboard, Whether the fiber is smooth and straight or not, it does not affect the round wire. But the blade wire is embedded into the dartboard, the sisal fiber must be strong and less bristle,so the blade wire separation sections can be easily pressed into the sisal, thus the price of the two product are different. Customers need an acceptable price for blade wire dartboard. Based on it, we choose a common sisal fiber material to manufacture blade wire dartboard with a new technology and process. It keeps nature fibre color, no white ink printed on it. This product add one more option for the customer’s need.


colorbox packing(46x4.5x46cm)

Desiccants, installation parts, manual.  


Ctn size: 47x21x47.5cm

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